Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the recipes in this book are different from other African cookbooks?
N: Taste of Tanzania cookbook is about Swahili cuisine. Africa is a continent of 50 countries. Each country cooks different, just like Asian continent; Indian food differs from Chinese food even if both countries are in Asia. So is African cuisine; Majority of East African countries eat Swahili Cuisine which is an influence from African Bantu, Arab, Asia, Portuguese and British.


Q: Will I be able to get most of my ingredients to use in Taste of Tanzania cookbook in any local grocery store in any country?
N: Yes, ingredients in Taste of Tanzania cookbook are available in any local grocery stores around the world. The book is written to make your Swahili cuisine experience easy. No need of running around international grocery stores or online orders. You do not have to be in East Africa to use this book.