Miriam Kinunda

Miriam Kinunda
Miriam Kinunda author of Taste of Tanzania cookbook

Miriam Kinunda loves to cook and entertain, and - happily for the rest of us - she loves to share her recipes, especially those from her native Tanzania. Her cookbook, Taste of Tanzania: Modern Swahili Recipes for the West, available now at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and at www.mirokiPublishing.com, is an easy-to-use cooking guide filled with tangy dishes that highlight the spices that make Tanzanian cuisine special – the use of coconut, cardamom, garlic, saffron, turmeric, and pilau masala – a unique mix of black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and cumin used in many rice and stew recipes.
Miriam's blogs on www.tasteofTanzania.com contain additional details and recipes, and you can watch the ingredients be transformed into meals by checking out Miriam's cooking demonstrations on her YouTube channel, Miriam Kinunda.
A native of Tanzania presently living in the United States, Miriam Kinunda has lived in Kenya, Canada, Spain, and South Africa and traveled extensively in East Africa. Wherever she travels, she gathers new recipes. Her favorites are East African Shrimp with coconut sauce and ugali, West African jollof rice, Ethiopian Injera and doro war sauce.
African cuisine, Miriam says, varies from country to country. East African recipes, for example, embrace the food of the many cultures that colonized them - Indian, Portuguese, Arab and English. North Africa mixes African and Arab cuisine. South Africa combines European and African cooking.
Her next cookbook - scheduled to come out in 2015 - will be a mix the many flavors that make up East African cuisine. Follow her at user name “MiriamKinunda” on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.